Design and build for your customization


In order to stay relevant in today’s highly competitive global environment, Mooreast always strives to create more value for our customers. We understand the need to offer more than just mooring solutions. If possible, Mooreast would like to be the preferred partner for Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commission (EPCC) to our customer.

As we possess more than 20 years’ experience manufacturing big steel anchors, our production team is capable of handling steel material to build major critical structures for offshore and marine applications. The production team includes our 3G to 6G welders, machinists and QA/QC Supervisor and other related professionals. Most of them are highly skilled with over 5 years’ experience working on the production floor.

Our track records include the fabrication of a 40ft offshore storage container, weighing around 20 Tons. We have also delivered a 9m long UREA Storage Tank, together with the material manhole, flange, counter flange, bolts and gaskets. We have undertaken other structural engineering projects such as the Gondola transducer particularly for deep water operation to reduce vessel noise when water flows between the hull and the gondola. We have also built a 7.5m long Ultra-short baseline (USBL) pole for underwater acoustic positioning and several more major fabrication jobs over the years since our establishment. All these structures are built at our Singapore yard. Generally, these structures are very larger and heavy, requiring police escort when delivered to the client.

In order to increase productivity significantly, we have studied and improved our process flow. In addition, we have employed the use of robotic systems, CNC and semi-automatic machineries for cutting and bevelling of steel plates, threading of shackle pins as well as welding of critical structural joints. To ensure utmost quality and reliability of the fabricated structures, we will employ series of Non-destructive testing (NDT) and examinations such as pressure testing, magnetic particle inspection (MPI) to ascertain the structure integrity, making sure that there is minimum defect before delivery. We will also engage 3rd party inspectors from the classificaion societies which include American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and Det Norske Veritas (DNV) to approve and certify the completed structure. As far as our customers are concerned, Mooreast will always live up to our quality standards, thus giving our customers the assurance and confidence about the product.