Mooring Ropes and Accessories

Mooreast Asia has been supplying and distributing steel wire ropes and synthetic ropes of various reputable brands. Our steel wire ropes ranges from six strand which can come with protective coatings (ie.zinc anode, ‘A’ galvanized outer wire or both) and spiral strand which can come with Galfan coating or HDPE sheathing. It depends on the required service life of the mooring system which the specific type of wire ropes is being recommended.

Spiral strand wire rope has higher strength to weight ratio as compared to six strand wire rope which has higher elasticity and greater flexibility. Furthermore, spiral strand wire rope is more torsionally balanced while six strand wire rope has lower axial stiffness. These wire ropes can either come with wire rope sockets, slings or grommets in order to connect to the other mooring components.

Our synthetic ropes are mainly made of Polyester or High Modulus Polyethylene in parallel strand construction. Generally, they have higher resistance with regards to abrasion, UV and chemical aspects. These ropes also possess uniform strength under both wet and dry conditions. They are mainly used as mooring hawsers for deep water mooring.