Chain Tensioner

Chain Tensioner For Offshore Installation

Mooreast Asia has been involved in mooring installations since 2006 and has accumulated vast experience from offshore operations. We currently own 700mt and 1000mt Hydraulic Chain Tensioner respectively. The purpose of the chain tensioner is to tension anchor chains to the required load necessary to moor the vessel.

Mooreast Asia’s chain tensioner requires two chains to be connected. One to the fixed chain stopper and the other to be tensioned with the movable chain stopper by two hydraulic cylinders connected. Between the movable chain stopper and the fixed chain stopper a guiding wheel has been mounted. The purpose of this guiding wheel is to guide the dead end of the chain. At the end of the stroke of the movable chain stopper, the chain is to be connected to the other fixed chain stopper. The chain tension is measured by means of two load measuring pins which are mounted on the two cylinders.

We offer rental package of 700mt and 1000mt Chain tensioner to our customer. We are able to help our customers to develop installation procedures as well as catenary calculations.We also provide engineering personnel to guide in the offshore installation operation.

The package includes:

  • 700 or 1000mt Chain Tensioner
  • 20ft container with the hydraulic powerpack
  • Starboard & Port chain chute
  • Connection hoses and remote control
  • Inserts for various chain size
  • Documentation
  • Engineering personnel