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Anchor Chains & Accessories

Chains are normally expressed as the diameter of the steel at the bending area. To make a chain, chain manufacturers order steel bars according to the required diameter of the chains. These raw materials can also come in differing grades which translates to different strengths.

There are currently two types of chain used in the market. Studlink chains are commonly used within the marine and oil and gas industries. Studless Chains, which has no studs, is generally used in special mooring application such as permanent mooring applications.

Chains can also be fitted with various configurations to suit the needs of the projects. For example the ends of the chain can be fitted with an End Link to enable shackle connections to be made. These End Links are normally configured with an intermediate Enlarged Link. Since End Links are without studs, these links require a larger diameter to take into account the differing radii and reduced strength.

Typically to quote for a chain we will indicate:

Quantity (Number of lengths of chains), Diameter of chain, Length, Grade, Studlink or Studless, Configuration and Class (if required).

Eg. 6 lengths of Dia 76mm x 100m Grade R4 Studless Chain, come with both ends End Link and Enlarged Link (E+EL+C+…+C+EL+E), come with ABS Certification

Mooreast Asia can supply a range of chain sizes from 16mm to 132mm and grades from U2 to R5 to our valued clients. Having been supplied more than 10,000 tons of chains for more than 1 years; Mooreast understands that different projects have different requirements.

For example, certain projects require their mooring chains to endure 25 years in strong tides and winds withstanding corrosive and harsh offshore environments. Mooreast experiences in the industry and strong business relationships allows us to manage orders in terms of delivery time, quality checks as well as various class requirements and documentations to ensure the chain supplies are meeting clients’ project requirements.

Having supplied good quality with competitive mooring chain price allows Mooreast to bid on mooring chain packages as well as complete mooring system packages when required. This allows Mooreast to propose suitable connectors between each component to ensure that the connectors suit the size and load requirements.