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Company News Release #15

Papua New Guinea: Mooreast secures a major   mooring upgrading project.

Amidst the market slowdown in the Marine and Offshore Oil & Gas Industry, Mooreast is very pleased to be awarded with a major project to upgrade and replace the entire multi-buoy mooring systems in the Seas of Papua New Guinea.

Mooreast will supply the complete mooring system, comprising six mooring lines - 15 ton Mooreast MA5S anchors with additional 5 ton ballast, grade R3 chains, connectors, mooring buoys and other mooring accessories.

Mooreast has done soil interpretation and anchor sizing through its engineering department led by Roderick Ruinen, Technical Director of Mooreast. The equipment which will be manufactured and supplied will be certified by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS). Mooreast is scheduled to deliver the equipment in the middle of this year, with the upgrading operation tentatively commencing in the third quarter. This is the sixth multi-buoy mooring upgrade project from the same customer’s group of companies.

“This is the first project in Papua New Guinea to be awarded to Mooreast, and we are very grateful that Mooreast MA anchors have reached another country. We aim to serve every continent on the world map with Mooreast MA products in times to come,” stated Sim Koon Lam, Managing Director of Mooreast.

(Posted on 11th April 2016)


Company News Release #14

Singapore: Introducing Mooreast MA7P anchor, specially designed for rougher water with higher holding capacity. 

After months of extensive R&D efforts including the recent pull test of the MA7P anchor prototype in the Singapore waters, Mooreast is proud to introduce the new MA7P anchor which is the advanced version of the MA5P Anchor.

As Mooreast is a strong believer in innovation, the Company has been spending significant resources to develop new mooring products to meet the increasing demand of its customers. Currently, the industry is seeking to use lighter and stronger mooring foundations in order to reduce the burden on their floating platforms operating in harsher and deeper water. Therefore, Mooreast MA7P Anchor is specially designed to fit these requirements.

The design of MA7P anchor has gone through several iterations in order to optimize its weight/strength ratio.  Based on similar weight as the MA5P Anchor, MA7P Anchor has a larger fluke surface and broader shank while maintaining its required structural strength. Suitable for a wide range of soil conditions, the anchor offers an increased holding capacity.  

Furthermore, the fluke contour enhances the anchor penetration in the seabed and the relatively flat fluke base gives the anchor stability which makes it easier for deck handling. Designed and built for high versatility, Mooreast MA7P anchor is suitable to moor a wide range of offshore platforms such as FPSO, drilling rigs, SPM Buoy and offshore wind turbines.

Mooreast would like to express many thanks to our customers and suppliers for their encouragement and support during this time.  Though times are challenging, Mooreast views it as a window of opportunity to introduce a higher value product to the customers at cost effective rate.  Therefore, The Company remains optimistic about the sales of the new anchor in the coming months.

(Posted on 7th January 2016) 

Company News Release #12

 Singapore: Mooreast’s new MA7 anchor  successfully tested in the Singaporean waters.

2 units of 1.5 tons MA7 Prototype Anchor were engaged in pull tests in the Singapore’s Raffles Reserved Anchorage on 28th September 2015. Each prototype bears different design features and the testing will help Mooreast to evaluate how the new MA7 anchor performs in the offshore environment.

Having over 20 years of experience and knowledge in handling offshore anchors, Mooreast has identified   various design aspects of the anchor to work on. The Company has not only revamped the existing features of its MA5 anchor, it has also introduced new features which lead to the development of Mooreast’s new Anchor – the MA7.

After lengthy and intensive R&D efforts including in-house testing of multiple scaled down anchor models, Mooreast had shortlisted 2 potential designs (MA7-1 and MA7-2) which were then scaled up for the recent offshore testing.

With the goal of testing the anchor’s holding capacity, Mooreast has specially chartered a 200 tons AHTS vessel to pull the new MA7 anchors. Test results have been promising and the data collected will be analyzed further to draw more conclusions for improvement.

Mooreast is very confident of the capabilities of the new MA7 anchor and aims to launch it in the market officially by the end of this year.  

(Posted on 6th October 2015)


Company News Release #13

Brazil: Mooreast enters South American market.

Mr Norbert Van Vliet, Business Development Manager of Mooreast Europe B.V has officially signed a Sales Representative Agreement with a local company, Arinque Engenharia Ltda, in Rio last October. Arinque Engenharia will be Mooreast’s sales agent for the South American market especially in Brazil.

Arinque Engenharia Ltda is an established Brazilian company formed by professionals with extensive experience in oil and gas market, particularly in product design, offshore mooring products engineering and manufacturing. Other than selling Mooreast products and services within Brazilian market, under the representation contract, Arinque Engenharia will also provide technical/commercial after sales assistance and follow up production at local suppliers when necessary.

“We believe there is great potential in the South American market in the next few years once the oil price recovers. Therefore, it is strategic for Mooreast to work with the local companies like Arinque Engenharia to market and fabricate our products in this region without the need for big investment especially during this market downturn.”, commented Mr Norbert Van Vliet.

“We agreed there is great synergy between the two companies and we look forward to render our best support to Mooreast in any way possible.”, said Mr Antonio Manuel, director of Arinque Engenharia Ltda.

Currently, Mooreast has already established its network of agents and business partners in the Asia Pacific region such as in Malaysia, South Korea and Australia. The Company believes in collaborative growth and therefore will continue to expand its presence through strategic business collaboration.

(Posted on 17th November 2015) 

Company News Release #11

Singapore: Mooreast launches customized SG50 logo on its mooring products.

In celebration of Singapore's 50th anniversary, Mooreast has launched its customized supportive SG50 logo. All its mooring products to be manufacturing from its Singapore based factory will carry this supportive logo from this celebration month onward till end of 2015.

Mooreast would like to pay tribute and to acknowledge the sound and vibrant business environment which the Government of Singapore has created. This has contributed in every way for companies, particularly Mooreast, to thrive and grow all these years.

"Regardless of how our company grows, we must not forget the part played by our Government, the opportunities it created, the constructive business environment and the stability in Singapore as well as the region. We must not forget our root, and must remember to give back to our country." commented Mr Sim Koon Lam, Founder of Mooreast.

The company sincerely thanks all its customers, business partners and agencies for the support, trust and confidence all these past years, and will continue to provide its quality products and services to meet the stringent standards demanded.

(Posted on 5th August 2015)