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Company News Release #5

E50 Gala Dinner  Singapore: Mooreast Asia ranks 7th in Singapore Enterprise 50 Award 2014.

 After 6 years of participation in Singapore Enterprise 50 (E50) Award, Mooreast Asia has managed to move up its ranking into the Top 10 Winners  position. More than 400 Singapore Small Medium Enterprises (SME) have participated and only the 50 best companies will receive such award.  The participating companies will be evaluated and ranked based on their past financial performance, business model and growth potential. The    E50 Award  has celebrated its 20th anniversary with a gala dinner that was held at the Resorts World Sentosa Convention Centre on 27 November    2014. Mr Lim Swee  Say, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office has presented the awards to Singapore’s 50 most enterprising privately-owned  companies during the event.

 “I am very happy to have received this Award. I owe it to all of my staff in Mooreast Asia. This is definitely the fruit of our hard work success.  Despite the  challenges which we are facing, we are still able to maintain a strong level of business growth this year. I am very thankful to  everyone in the Company  for their continuous contribution. Together, we look forward to bring Mooreast Asia to the next higher phase of  development and expansion in the near future.”, said Mr Sim Koon Lam, Founder of Mooreast Asia Pte Ltd.
 About Enterprise 50 (E50)

  About the E50 Award

 The E50 award was first established in 1995 to recognize local, privately-held companies who have contributed to the economic development in    Singapore and abroad. It is jointly organized by The Business Times and KPMG and supported by the Infocomm Development Authority of  Singapore  (IDA), International Enterprise (IE) Singapore, Singapore Business Federation (SBF) and SPRING Singapore. The event is sponsored by  OCBC Bank.

 (Posted on 1st December 2014)

Company News Release #04

Malaysia: Mooreast Asia secures order to supply the entire 8-point spread mooring system to Offshore Terengganu oilfield in Malaysia.

The 8-point spread mooring system consists of Mooreast designed chainstoppers, mooring chains and 15 ton Mooreast MA5P anchors. The respective mooring components will receive full class approval by the classification society according to customer’s specifications. The entire mooring system is scheduled to be delivered in February / March 2015. Mooreast will also render support to its customer for the installation of the mooring system when required.

This is one of the largest orders which Mooreast has secured for this year. Since April this year, Mooreast has sold more than 70 units of Mooreast MA5 series anchors and another 20 units are in the order book for delivery next year. Mooreast continues to be hopeful towards the coming months despite the current low oil price. Mooreast is always thankful to its customers and suppliers for their continued support.

(Posted on 6th November 2014)

Company News Release #2

Singapore: A total of 26 High Holding Capacity Embedment Anchors under the Singapore brand, have been successfully delivered within 2 months since its launch.

This June has been a bustling month for Mooreast Asia Pte Ltd, Singapore based mooring equipment provider. After successfully delivering 12 units of High Holding Capacity Embedment Anchors under Mooreast MA5P brand to Offshore Sarawak, Malaysia last month, another 8 units of 12 ton Mooreast MA5P anchors were delivered to West Malaysia earlier this month. This suggests that Mooreast MA5 series anchors are gradually gaining traction in the industry since its launch.

The Company has successfully built and delivered a total of 26 High Holding Capacity Embedment Anchors with full approval by the respective classification societies, from Singapore within 2 months since the launch of Mooreast MA5 series anchors in April.

These anchors have holding power of up to 50 times of their anchor weight, depending on the conditions of the seabed. All these anchors are wholly manufactured at their Loyang Facility in Singapore. Currently, there are 20 more Mooreast MA5 anchors in production and are scheduled to be completed by end of June. This promises well for Mooreast as the industry is becoming more receptive to the Singapore brand anchors.

(Posted on 17th June 2014)

Company News Release #3

Europe: Roderick Ruinen, a mooring specialist joins Mooreast Group.

Mr Ruinen will assume the role of Technical Advisor to Mooreast Group. He will also be heading Mooreast Europe which has been incorporated in The Netherlands this year.
Being in the offshore mooring industry for more than 15 years, Mr Ruinen specialises in geotechnical and structural engineering of offshore foundations. He is also well versed  with the classification societies’ requirements as well as the installation procedures for mooring equipment.

During his time as Technical Director in his previous company, he oversaw the technical operations as well as the R&D activities in the company. He has also published   several technical research papers and patent applications on mooring and anchoring.

With Mr Ruinen as Technical Advisor, Mooreast is able to provide more design and engineering services for our customers in the aspect of mooring systems. He will also be involved in the company’s R&D activities to develop the next generation mooring equipment to benefit the offshore industry.

Currently based in Rotterdam, Mr Ruinen will lead Mooreast Europe to open up new markets especially in the North Seas region and also establish Mooreast brand in other parts of the world especially Africa and America. He and his team will work very closely with Mooreast Asia to increase the competitiveness of Mooreast Group.

“For me it is a very interesting point in time to join Mooreast. Though I foresee a lot of challenges ahead, I will do my best to overcome them. My aim is to grow Mooreast to be a successful company as a mooring equipment provider and also in the area of offshore engineering and construction” says Mr Ruinen.

For many years, Mr Ruinen has contributed significantly to the knowledge of the mooring ndustry. Mooreast is very thankful to have him on board and is looking forward to working with him for a better future of the company.

(Posted on 15th Oct 2014)

Company News Release #1

Singapore: Designed and Made in Singapore High Holding Capacity Embedment Anchors have been successfully deployed at the Offshore Sarawak Oilfields in Malaysia.

This is the first overseas project for Singapore-based mooring equipment provider, Mooreast Asia Pte Ltd, to supply their improved design Mooreast MA5P anchors with full approval by the respective classification societies. These anchors are wholly manufactured at their Loyang facility in Singapore.

A total of twelve 24 ton Mooreast MA5P anchors, together with their complete mooring systems, were installed at the Offshore Sarawak Oilfields in Malaysia during the end of May. These High Holding Capacity Embedment anchors have holding power of up to 50 times of their anchor weight, depending on the conditions of the seabed.

This is the successful culmination of an intensive period of research and development by the company. Mooreast Asia has been marketing their very own Mooreast MA5P and MA5S anchors. Other designs and products are already in the pipeline.

(Posted on 2nd June 2014)