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Company News Release #10

Thailand: Mooreast MA5S anchors have found their way in the Gulf of Thailand.

A total of 12 units of Mooreast MA5S anchors have been successfully installed for 2 newly developed oilfields in the Gulf of Thailand last month. Each of these MA5S anchor weighs 12 tons and comes with 4.7 ton ballast as well as class certification for permanent mooring.

According to our client, these MA5S anchors have met their required mooring load and penetrated into the hard soil without any issue. Furthermore, these anchors were able to orientate themselves correctly when they reached the seabed. The client is very pleased with Mooreast as the MA5S anchors have performed well during the installation.

Till date, more than 100 units of Mooreast MA5 anchors have been deployed in the offshore regions of Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Japan, Norway and Thailand. Mooreast is hopeful that the MA anchors will reach more parts of the world especially with the introduction of Mooreast’s MA7 Anchor in the upcoming months. 

(Posted on 7th July 2015)


Company News Release #9

 Malaysia: More MA5P anchors successfully deployed at marginal field in Offshore Malaysia.

8 units of 15 ton Mooreast MA5P anchors have been successfully installed at a newly developed field offshore  Terengganu earlier last month. The installation team has delivered a great job by completing the installation  within the time frame set.

 “This is the third oil related floater project where Mooreast supplied its own MA5P anchors. Taking into  consideration that Mooreast started to develop, design, fabricate and market its own brand of High Holding  Power Anchors only 12 months ago, this is a very remarkable achievement during such a relatively short  period. It is also a testimony to Mooreast insistence on quality control and high standards throughout as  demanded by the industry” said Mr Chua Eng Boon, Commercial Director of Mooreast.

 In addition, Mooreast supplied 8 lengths of Dia 90mm Grade R4 chains with respective connecting shackles  and BV approved MA in-house designed chainstoppers to complete the 8-point spread mooring system for this  project.

 “We are obviously delighted with the outstanding performance of products and services supplied by Mooreast  especially their MA5P anchor and their engineering capability. Within a tight project deadline, we are able to  complete the project successfully together with Mooreast team” commented Mooreast’s client.

Mooreast is looking forward to the installation of the fourth project for a similar system in the coming months, in this case offshore Sarawak with 18 ton Mooreast MA5P anchors.

(Posted on 15 June 2015)

Company News Release #7

Singapore: Mooreast Asia received DHL-SME 1000 Global Growth Excellence Award.

 Mr Teo Ser Luck (Left), Minister of State, Ministry of Trade and Industry of Singapore, was the Guest of
Honor. Alex Peck (Centre), Finance Manager of Mooreast Asia received the award on behalf of the
Founder, Mr Sim Koon Lam. Herbert Vongpusanachai (right), Senior Vice President & Managing Director,
DHL Express Singapore made the opening speech that evening. The event was held at Ritz Carlton Hotel
on 27 January 2015.

Ranked in the Singapore 1000 Family of Rankings for 6 consecutive years since 2008, Mooreast is very
thankful to be the recipient of the DHL-SME1000 Global Growth Excellence Award. Only 1 company is
selected out of the pool of SME 1000 companies – the nation’s most exemplary SMEs ranked based on
audited financials, to receive the DHL-SME1000 Global Growth Excellence Award. Coupled with the
robust criteria to qualify for the SME1000 rankings, companies are evaluated and selected for the award
based on their business growth and overseas revenue generated from two or more countries apart from

“We are very honored to receive the DHL-SME1000 Global Growth Excellence Award. It is only with the
hard work of our staff and the treasured relationship shared with our suppliers and clients, that we have
been able come this far. I am very thankful for the continuous support of everyone in the Company and
our partners. The Award serves as an encouragement to us as we aspire to achieve greater growth and
bring Mooreast to greater heights around the globe” said Mr Sim Koon Lam, Founder of Mooreast Asia
Pte Ltd.

Mooreast has evolved from a two-man outfit more than 20 years ago to the well-reputed SME it is today,
with operations spanning across the Asia Pacific region. Recognised as a Singapore International 100
SME in 2013, Mooreast has repeatedly established itself as a leading SME both locally and abroad.

Mooreast Asia has been recently featured in Singapore Business Times.


(Posted on 20 March 2015)

Company News Release #8

Norway: Mooreast has its first MA5 anchor installed in the North Sea.

Mooreast has delivered a 7 ton MA5S anchor including internal ballast, pick points and accessories under DNV GL classification to Stavanger, Norway recently. For this occasion the MA5S anchor is used for an installation job at a newly developed field West of Stavanger, Norway. The MA5S anchor was selected due to its capacity and suitability in hard soil conditions and was installed successfully to the contractor’s required installation load (pictured above).

“The field complexity and hard soil conditions encountered at that part of the North Sea decided that the MA5S anchor was the most suitable for this application. The anchor has been fabricated in Europe and it is the first full project handled by Mooreast Europe since its start in October 2014” said Roderick Ruinen, Director of Mooreast Europe.

“This is definitely a breakthrough for Mooreast as the European market has always been challenging due to the presence of several established players as well as high requirements and standards applicable, specific to this part of the world” commented Norbert van Vliet, Business Development at Mooreast Europe.
Mooreast is grateful to have received more enquiries from Europe, Middle East, Africa and America especially after exhibiting for the first time during the recent Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston.

(Posted on 19 May 2015)

Company News Release #6

Singapore: Mooreast Asia secures a new facility to start the new year of 2015.

For the past 7 years, Mooreast Asia has been residing in Loyang Offshore Supply Base operated by Toll Offshore Petroleum Services (TOPS). In view of business expansion, the Company has managed to secure a bigger facility in the West of Singapore. The new facility is 2 times bigger than the previous facility in the East.

The new 12,000 sqm facility is located at 14 Benoi Sector, Singapore 629847. Mooreast Asia is able to house its offices, workshops, fabrication yard and warehouses, all in one place. This makes it conducive for the Company’s business growth and operational efficiency. Prior to the new site, the company has also invested in a 280 ton crawler crane to assist in its logistic operations.
“The new facility is great as we will be able to expand our fabrication capabilities, thus providing a better service to our customers. Given our new location, we are also closer to our customers who are mainly located in the West of Singapore.”, said Mr Sim Koon Lam, Founder of Mooreast Asia Pte Ltd.

Mooreast Asia is very thankful to their customers for their kind understanding as there were delays in the operation due to the shifting over to the new site. The Company is also thankful to SPRING Singapore and Jurong Town Corporation (JTC) for their support of the new facility.

(Posted on 12 January 2015)