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Singapore: Mooreast has successfully completed a contract to supply a complete mooring solution with quality products and value added services.


It has been a hectic period for Mooreast during the second half of the year as the Company has successfully completed a major contract in several phases.
Mooreast scope of work for this project includes the supply of a complete mooring system entailing design, customized fabrication, provision of high performance ropes, rigging wires, shackles, lifting slings and accessories, sea fastening materials, conducting of inspection, NDT, proof-load testing with class certification, organizing and supervising the entire mobilization operation.

Complete mooring systems – 12 ton Mooreast MA5P anchors, 20 ton buoyancy Mooreast MA200 surface buoys complete with quick release hook, dia 76mm grade R4 chains, swivels, shackles and connecting links.

Design and customized fabrication – steel plate welded hose clamps, pipe spools, pipe support structures, lifting blind flanges, steel clump weights, ball valve stand, chainstopper complete with ABS class certification and cut to size steel plates for vessel foundation strengthening.

High performance ropes – Cortland Plasma high performance rope with soft eye each end.

Various sizes and loads of wire rope bridles, shackles, masterlinks, lifting slings and accessories, turnbuckles, D-rings, webbing and round slings, lashing belts, hand tools and industrial consumable products.

Inspection, NDT, proof load tests – utilizing Mooreast in-house 600 ton load test bed for the proof load tests complete with third party inspection and witness on all bridle slings, fabricated items/structures, supply of load cell, manpower and supervision of proof load tests for all winches on board vessel.

Mobilisation – stuffing and lashing, transportation with police escort as well as crane lifting, stevedoring in Singapore.

To recap on Mooreast Mission – ‘To Be A Complete Mooring Solution Provider – an icon in the industry known for providing its customers the highest quality products and value added services’.

“This is one of Mooreast's good projects, affirming our track records, of our abilities, our capabilities and commitment to our mission” said Sim Koon Lam, Managing Director of Mooreast.

“Besides, being ‘A Complete Mooring Solution Provider’, Mooreast is now able to complement this with the provision of rigging and lifting gears, fittings and accessories for the Marine Oil & Gas Industry” said Gina Ng, General Manager of Mooreast Rigging Division.

Mooreast is very thankful for the opportunities our customers have given us to be a complete mooring solution provider. Mooreast believes in the value of convenience and will continue to stay competitive by expanding our products and services to meet the changing needs of our customers.

(Posted on 22nd Nov 2017)