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USA: Cortland Company appoints Mooreast as distributor of high performance synthetic fiber lifting ropes and slings.

Mooreast has been appointed by Cortland, a US global provider of customized rope and cable solutions to be their preferred distributor of high performance synthetic fiber ropes and slings, including both Plasma® and Selantic® brands. These products are used particularly for rigging and heavy lift applications and are exclusively manufactured in Cortland’s facilities in USA, Norway and Australia.

Mooreast will cover markets in the South East Asia and East Asia regions where there is a growing interest in synthetic fiber lifting ropes and slings due to their light weight and long service life. The Company has therefore invested in related machineries to provide value added services to customers such as splicing, repair, inspection and proof loading.

Mooreast is very grateful to be able to work with established names like Cortland and believes this partnership will help each other in their growth in the Marine, Offshore Oil and Gas and Renewable Energy sectors.

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