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Japan: Mooreast secures another Offshore Wind Power Demonstration Project.

Mooreast will supply 9 units of 20 ton Mooreast MA5P anchor for a floating wind turbine demonstration project operating in the sea of Kitakyushu next year. This project is initiated by Japan’s New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) as the country strives to expand its capacity for renewable energy.
Glocal Inc., a Japanese company, who is one of the consortium members of this demonstration project, decided to introduce Mooreast MA5P anchors for the project.

The delivery is set to be in the first quarter 2017. Mooreast will also assist Glocal in the anchor installation. These anchors have been carefully sized by Mooreast based on the soil data provided of the site, and the anchor test data at the location. The anchors will be fabricated at Mooreast’s facility in Singapore to ensure timely delivery and quality control.

The project was awarded to Mooreast after the Company was qualified by NEDO, following the product performance evaluation and offshore testing in Japan conducted by Glocal last year.

Mooreast has established its track records of supplying its Mooreast MA anchors for the offshore wind power project in Japan. Mooreast MA5 series anchors can be specially designed to accommodate a wide range of soil types.

(Posted on 12th December 2016)