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Singapore: Mooreast successfully completed the fabrication of mooring piles and pile adaptors.

2 sets of 10m Mooring Pile and 13m Pile Adaptor were delivered successfully from Mooreast’s facility this week. Each set has an approximate diameter of 1.5m and weighs around 40 tons.
As this is the first pile fabrication project which Mooreast has undertaken, it is a breakthrough for the Company in terms of its engineering and manufacturing capabilities. The fabrication involves various manufacturing processes such as cutting, beveling, rolling, machining, welding and stress relief treatment. Mooreast has also worked closely with the customers to redesign some sections of the pile in order to improve overall manufacturing efficiency.
“Though the learning curve was very steep for Mooreast due to the short delivery time, the Company still managed to complete the 4 lengths of pile structure in less than a month with the customer’s full approval and acceptance. Therefore, Mooreast is confident of providing its own engineered piles in the future based on its experience in mooring foundations such as drag anchors. The Company is also able to provide geotechnical analysis for the mooring piles like it provides for the drag anchors.” said Rayleigh Chan, Business Development Manager and also the Project Lead of this pile fabrication project.
Mooreast is very thankful for the opportunities our customers have given us and will continue to stay competitive by expanding our product and service offerings so as to meet the changing needs of our customers. 

(Posted on 26th July 2016)