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Papua New Guinea: Mooreast secures a major   mooring upgrading project.

Amidst the market slowdown in the Marine and Offshore Oil & Gas Industry, Mooreast is very pleased to be awarded with a major project to upgrade and replace the entire multi-buoy mooring systems in the Seas of Papua New Guinea.

Mooreast will supply the complete mooring system, comprising six mooring lines - 15 ton Mooreast MA5S anchors with additional 5 ton ballast, grade R3 chains, connectors, mooring buoys and other mooring accessories.

Mooreast has done soil interpretation and anchor sizing through its engineering department led by Roderick Ruinen, Technical Director of Mooreast. The equipment which will be manufactured and supplied will be certified by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS). Mooreast is scheduled to deliver the equipment in the middle of this year, with the upgrading operation tentatively commencing in the third quarter. This is the sixth multi-buoy mooring upgrade project from the same customer’s group of companies.

“This is the first project in Papua New Guinea to be awarded to Mooreast, and we are very grateful that Mooreast MA anchors have reached another country. We aim to serve every continent on the world map with Mooreast MA products in times to come,” stated Sim Koon Lam, Managing Director of Mooreast.

(Posted on 11th April 2016)