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Company News Release #14

Singapore: Introducing Mooreast MA7P anchor, specially designed for rougher water with higher holding capacity. 

After months of extensive R&D efforts including the recent pull test of the MA7P anchor prototype in the Singapore waters, Mooreast is proud to introduce the new MA7P anchor which is the advanced version of the MA5P Anchor.

As Mooreast is a strong believer in innovation, the Company has been spending significant resources to develop new mooring products to meet the increasing demand of its customers. Currently, the industry is seeking to use lighter and stronger mooring foundations in order to reduce the burden on their floating platforms operating in harsher and deeper water. Therefore, Mooreast MA7P Anchor is specially designed to fit these requirements.

The design of MA7P anchor has gone through several iterations in order to optimize its weight/strength ratio.  Based on similar weight as the MA5P Anchor, MA7P Anchor has a larger fluke surface and broader shank while maintaining its required structural strength. Suitable for a wide range of soil conditions, the anchor offers an increased holding capacity.  

Furthermore, the fluke contour enhances the anchor penetration in the seabed and the relatively flat fluke base gives the anchor stability which makes it easier for deck handling. Designed and built for high versatility, Mooreast MA7P anchor is suitable to moor a wide range of offshore platforms such as FPSO, drilling rigs, SPM Buoy and offshore wind turbines.

Mooreast would like to express many thanks to our customers and suppliers for their encouragement and support during this time.  Though times are challenging, Mooreast views it as a window of opportunity to introduce a higher value product to the customers at cost effective rate.  Therefore, The Company remains optimistic about the sales of the new anchor in the coming months.

(Posted on 7th January 2016)