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Company News Release #12

 Singapore: Mooreast’s new MA7 anchor  successfully tested in the Singaporean waters.

2 units of 1.5 tons MA7 Prototype Anchor were engaged in pull tests in the Singapore’s Raffles Reserved Anchorage on 28th September 2015. Each prototype bears different design features and the testing will help Mooreast to evaluate how the new MA7 anchor performs in the offshore environment.

Having over 20 years of experience and knowledge in handling offshore anchors, Mooreast has identified   various design aspects of the anchor to work on. The Company has not only revamped the existing features of its MA5 anchor, it has also introduced new features which lead to the development of Mooreast’s new Anchor – the MA7.

After lengthy and intensive R&D efforts including in-house testing of multiple scaled down anchor models, Mooreast had shortlisted 2 potential designs (MA7-1 and MA7-2) which were then scaled up for the recent offshore testing.

With the goal of testing the anchor’s holding capacity, Mooreast has specially chartered a 200 tons AHTS vessel to pull the new MA7 anchors. Test results have been promising and the data collected will be analyzed further to draw more conclusions for improvement.

Mooreast is very confident of the capabilities of the new MA7 anchor and aims to launch it in the market officially by the end of this year.  

(Posted on 6th October 2015)