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Company News Release #20

Singapore: Mooreast has successfully completed a contract to supply a complete mooring solution with quality products and value added services.


It has been a hectic period for Mooreast during the second half of the year as the Company has successfully completed a major contract in several phases.
Mooreast scope of work for this project includes the supply of a complete mooring system entailing design, customized fabrication, provision of high performance ropes, rigging wires, shackles, lifting slings and accessories, sea fastening materials, conducting of inspection, NDT, proof-load testing with class certification, organizing and supervising the entire mobilization operation.

Complete mooring systems – 12 ton Mooreast MA5P anchors, 20 ton buoyancy Mooreast MA200 surface buoys complete with quick release hook, dia 76mm grade R4 chains, swivels, shackles and connecting links.

Design and customized fabrication – steel plate welded hose clamps, pipe spools, pipe support structures, lifting blind flanges, steel clump weights, ball valve stand, chainstopper complete with ABS class certification and cut to size steel plates for vessel foundation strengthening.

High performance ropes – Cortland Plasma high performance rope with soft eye each end.

Various sizes and loads of wire rope bridles, shackles, masterlinks, lifting slings and accessories, turnbuckles, D-rings, webbing and round slings, lashing belts, hand tools and industrial consumable products.

Inspection, NDT, proof load tests – utilizing Mooreast in-house 600 ton load test bed for the proof load tests complete with third party inspection and witness on all bridle slings, fabricated items/structures, supply of load cell, manpower and supervision of proof load tests for all winches on board vessel.

Mobilisation – stuffing and lashing, transportation with police escort as well as crane lifting, stevedoring in Singapore.

To recap on Mooreast Mission – ‘To Be A Complete Mooring Solution Provider – an icon in the industry known for providing its customers the highest quality products and value added services’.

“This is one of Mooreast's good projects, affirming our track records, of our abilities, our capabilities and commitment to our mission” said Sim Koon Lam, Managing Director of Mooreast.

“Besides, being ‘A Complete Mooring Solution Provider’, Mooreast is now able to complement this with the provision of rigging and lifting gears, fittings and accessories for the Marine Oil & Gas Industry” said Gina Ng, General Manager of Mooreast Rigging Division.

Mooreast is very thankful for the opportunities our customers have given us to be a complete mooring solution provider. Mooreast believes in the value of convenience and will continue to stay competitive by expanding our products and services to meet the changing needs of our customers.

(Posted on 22nd Nov 2017)

Company News Release #19

 Rotterdam: Mooreast delivers 12 units of 26 ton Mooreast MA5S anchor


12 units of 26 ton Mooreast MA5S anchor complete with 10.2 ton ballast in anchor fluke and cutter points on the fluke tips were loaded out from Mooreast’s Singapore Benoi yard on 20th October. The assembled anchors, with an approximate weight of 36.2 ton each, were then delivered to Singapore’s Jurong Port quayside for loading onto the installation vessel, as per the customer’s requirements.

Note: please download from the following link for our anchor load out video: 

Mooreast Europe B.V., a subsidiary of Mooreast Asia Pte Ltd, secured the order from a reputable FPSO Contractor. The anchors were built at Mooreast’s facility in Singapore and delivered on time as per customer’s mobilisation plan. The anchors were designed and certified by DNV GL for use in a permanent mooring.
“We are very grateful that Mooreast Europe has been able to secure this project and appreciate the confidence the customer has placed in us.” said Norbert van Vliet, Business Development of Mooreast Europe.

We are also proud to announce that more than 200 units of Mooreast MA5 series anchors have been manufactured and delivered since its introduction in April 2014.
Mooreast is very thankful for the opportunities our customers have given us. We will continue to strive to provide outstanding standard and services, expanding our product range and service offerings, and to stay competitive to meet the needs of our customers.

(Posted on 25th Oct 2017)


Company News Release #17

Japan: Mooreast secures another Offshore Wind Power Demonstration Project.

Mooreast will supply 9 units of 20 ton Mooreast MA5P anchor for a floating wind turbine demonstration project operating in the sea of Kitakyushu next year. This project is initiated by Japan’s New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) as the country strives to expand its capacity for renewable energy.
Glocal Inc., a Japanese company, who is one of the consortium members of this demonstration project, decided to introduce Mooreast MA5P anchors for the project.

The delivery is set to be in the first quarter 2017. Mooreast will also assist Glocal in the anchor installation. These anchors have been carefully sized by Mooreast based on the soil data provided of the site, and the anchor test data at the location. The anchors will be fabricated at Mooreast’s facility in Singapore to ensure timely delivery and quality control.

The project was awarded to Mooreast after the Company was qualified by NEDO, following the product performance evaluation and offshore testing in Japan conducted by Glocal last year.

Mooreast has established its track records of supplying its Mooreast MA anchors for the offshore wind power project in Japan. Mooreast MA5 series anchors can be specially designed to accommodate a wide range of soil types.

(Posted on 12th December 2016)

Company News Release #18

USA: Cortland Company appoints Mooreast as distributor of high performance synthetic fiber lifting ropes and slings.

Mooreast has been appointed by Cortland, a US global provider of customized rope and cable solutions to be their preferred distributor of high performance synthetic fiber ropes and slings, including both Plasma® and Selantic® brands. These products are used particularly for rigging and heavy lift applications and are exclusively manufactured in Cortland’s facilities in USA, Norway and Australia.

Mooreast will cover markets in the South East Asia and East Asia regions where there is a growing interest in synthetic fiber lifting ropes and slings due to their light weight and long service life. The Company has therefore invested in related machineries to provide value added services to customers such as splicing, repair, inspection and proof loading.

Mooreast is very grateful to be able to work with established names like Cortland and believes this partnership will help each other in their growth in the Marine, Offshore Oil and Gas and Renewable Energy sectors.

About Cortland Company

Cortland provides worldwide experience in creating lightweight rope, slings, cables and umbilicals to the oil and gas, heavy marine, subsea, ROV, seismic, and medical markets. For more information, please visit

For more information, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit




Company News Release #16

Singapore: Mooreast successfully completed the fabrication of mooring piles and pile adaptors.

2 sets of 10m Mooring Pile and 13m Pile Adaptor were delivered successfully from Mooreast’s facility this week. Each set has an approximate diameter of 1.5m and weighs around 40 tons.
As this is the first pile fabrication project which Mooreast has undertaken, it is a breakthrough for the Company in terms of its engineering and manufacturing capabilities. The fabrication involves various manufacturing processes such as cutting, beveling, rolling, machining, welding and stress relief treatment. Mooreast has also worked closely with the customers to redesign some sections of the pile in order to improve overall manufacturing efficiency.
“Though the learning curve was very steep for Mooreast due to the short delivery time, the Company still managed to complete the 4 lengths of pile structure in less than a month with the customer’s full approval and acceptance. Therefore, Mooreast is confident of providing its own engineered piles in the future based on its experience in mooring foundations such as drag anchors. The Company is also able to provide geotechnical analysis for the mooring piles like it provides for the drag anchors.” said Rayleigh Chan, Business Development Manager and also the Project Lead of this pile fabrication project.
Mooreast is very thankful for the opportunities our customers have given us and will continue to stay competitive by expanding our product and service offerings so as to meet the changing needs of our customers. 

(Posted on 26th July 2016)