Who we are

Been there, done that and still doing it

Welcome to Mooreast

With a history that began in 1993, Mooreast has progressed from an after-sales service office to a reputable international company, having its own manufacturing facilities and engineering teams.

Headquartered in Singapore, Mooreast has also setup an overseas subsidiary, Mooreast Europe BV who is operating from Netherlands. With more than 20 years of servicing Marine, Offshore and Oil & Gas Industries, Mooreast has been actively involved in various offshore projects involving FPSO, Semisubmersibles, SPM Buoys and even Offshore Wind Turbines.

Over these years, Mooreast has garnered valuable experiences to improve and expand our capabilities to meet the growing sophistication of our customers.

Formerly a subsidiary of Vrijhof Ankers Beheer B.V. of The Netherlands; and a sole and exclusive representative and the only exclusive fabricator of Vryhof Anchors BV for the Asia Pacific regions from 2008 to 2013, Mooreast has longstanding reputation in the Marine, Offshore and Oil & Gas Industries for our products and services.

Owing to the different demands and requirements of our numerous customers, Mooreast has expanded its services to include engineering design and fabrication of various offshore mooring components under the Mooreast Brand like steel cylindrical foam-filled buoys, quick release hooks, chain stoppers, tri-plates, SMIT brackets, fairleads, wire clamps.

Our fabrication scope also includes non-mooring products like offshore mini-containers, cargo boxes, baskets, skips, offshore & subsea structures used by offshore vessels for offshore installation purposes.

In addition to providing mooring specialist services and professional mooring advices to customers, Mooreast supplements our services to our customers by designing and fabricating mooring components and equipment to suit their requirements.

Today, Mooreast is also diversifying into other areas such as shipbuilding, outfitting works and a suite of other maritime services. Mooreast has successfully built and launched a 15m Utility Boat “Bahari Jaya Indah” in May 2010 and 21m Aluminium Crew Boat “Bernadette” in March 2014.

History & Development

• Mooreast Pte Ltd founded as a trading company in Singapore under the leadership of Vrijhof Ankers Beheer B.V. of The Netherlands
• Fabrication workshop established by Mr. Sim Koon Lam
• Partnered with Viking Moorings to supply complete mooring systems to customers (initiated and executed by Mr. Sim Koon Lam)
• Design and fabrication teams initiated design, fabrication and supply of in-house mooring equipment, including mooring buoy and chain stopper
• Management buy-out by Mr. Sim Koon Lam
• First and sole manufacturer of drag embedment / ultra high holding power (UHHP) anchor in Singapore
• Expanded into floaters and semisubmersible rig retrofitting
• Mooreast Asia Pte Ltd founded after restructuring
• Built and launched 15m Utility Boat “Bahari Jaya Indah”
Sucessfully built launched a 15m Aluminium Utility Boat "Bahari Jaya Indah".
• Built and Launched 21m Aluminium Crew Boat "Bernadette".
• Launched 2 improved design anchors under Mooreast's branding, MA5P and MA5S.

Our Mission

“To be a Complete Mooring System Provider”

Our Vision

“Mooreast strives to become a premier brand name in the global mooring industry with the goal of providing its customers superior experiences backed by quality products and value added services."

Our Management Team

Sim Koon Lam

Managing Director
• 27 years operational and management experience in Marine, Offshore and Oil & Gas Industries
• Established Vryhof’s Asian subsidiary (Mooreast Pte Ltd) in Singapore in 1993 to support regional operations and after-sales service
• Founded Mooreast Asia Pte Ltd in 2010
• Has been a Director of Mooreast since its inception in 1993 (Managing Director since 2007)
• Core responsibilities include operations management and business development

Elaine Leong

General Manager
• 15 years of management and finance experience in Marine, Offshore and Oil & Gas Industries
• Holds a BA (Hons) Business Administration with Upper Second Class (2-1) Honors from University of Portsmouth

Khoe Jin Huat

General Manager (Fabrication)
• 30 years of operational management experience in Shipbuilding and Shiprepair Industries
• Holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Naval Architecture from Nagasaki University of Naval Architecture

Roderick Ruinen

Technical Director
(Managing Director of Mooreast Europe BV)
• 20 years in the offshore mooring and anchoring industries
• Specializes in geotechnical engineering and structural analysis
• Co-Chair of the API/SC2/RG7 / ISO/TC7/SC7/WG10 sub group on anchors and moorings
• Authored numerous technical papers for the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) and other international conferences
• Graduated from Technical University of Delft, The Netherlands with Master of Science in Civil Engineering

Chua Eng Boon

Commercial Director
• Over 20 years of experience involving in salvage operations
• 8 years of experience managing offshore supply bases in the Asia Pacific region
• Specializes in strategic and operational planning 
• Graduated from Britannia Royal Naval College UK with First Class Pass Naval Cadet (1970)
• Obtained Master Foreign Going Certificate of Service from UK Department of Trade (1978)

Sim Kwang Sua

Sales and Operation Director
• 17 years of experience involving in salvage and other offshore operations
• More than 10 years of experience managing Offshore Supply Bases in Thailand (Sattahip and Songkhla)
• Graduated from Britannia Royal Naval College UK with First Class Pass Naval Cadet (1970)

Fong Wai Hong

Fabrication Manager
• 20 years of operational experience in Marine, Offshore and Oil & Gas Industries
• Certified Shipyard Supervisor

Jaymes Sim

Sales Manager
• 4 years of sales and marketing experience
• Holds a Bachelor of Commerce with majors in Management and Marketing from Murdoch University

Loo Yoke Lin

Accounting Manager
• 20 years of finance and accounting experience
• Employee of Mooreast since 1995

Alex Peck

Finance Manager
• 5 years of auditing, corporate finance and management accounting experience
• Holds a Bachelor of Commerce with majors in financial & management accounting and corporate finance from University of Western Australia
• CA (Singapore) and CPA (Australia)

Rayleigh Chan

Business Development Manager
• 2 years of Industry Development Experience for Marine & Offshore Industry
• Received Executive Development Scholarship from SPRING Singapore
• Holds a Bachelor Degree with Honours in Material Science and Engineering from Nanyang Technological University

Norbert Van Vliet

Business Development Manager (Mooreast Europe BV)
• Over 20 years of experience in mooring and anchoring industry
• 3 years of operational experience ocean going vessels
• Specialized in commercial and business development management
• Graduated from Nautical Academy Rotterdam, Netherlands, with Bsc title Maritime officer.
• Obtained Master certificate Navy Officer, Royal Dutch Navy, Den Helder, Netherlands.
• Graduated from Rotterdam Academy, Netherlands, Master course Export, Marketing & Management with QE title.