Mooreast MA7P Anchor

Specially designed to achieve optimum weight/ strength ratio and higher holding capacity.

<span>Mooreast MA7P Anchor</span>

Our brand new
Mooreast Anchor

Been there,
done that and still doing it.

Design and made in Singapore

Our brand new <br /><span>Mooreast Anchor</span>

Mooring Buoy
Made in Singapore

We design and build surface and sub-surface buoys for different applications and purposes.
<span>Mooring Buoy</span> <br />Made in Singapore


Mooreast supplies and distributes

Full approval by classification societies.

<span>Anchor </span>CHAINS & CONNECTORS

Mooreast Anchors

Our Anchors have holding power of up to 50 times of their anchor weight, depending on the conditions of the seabed.

Mooring Buoy

We design and build surface and sub-surface buoys for different applications and purposes. 

Anchor Chains & Accessories

We supply and distribute Stud Link and Studless Chains as well as plates and shackles with full approval by classification societies

Mooring Ropes & Accessories

We supply and distribute steel wire ropes and synthetic ropes of various reputable brands.

Chain Tensioner

Our 700 & 1000 ton Hydraulic Spread Tensioner are used to tension the anchor chains to the required load approved by a Classification Society

Complete Mooring Solution

We understand our customers. We are the one stop shop for all their mooring needs

Design & Engineering

We have the engineering expertise in the mooring and structural fields.


We design and build marine and offshore structures according to your specifications 

Shipbuilding & Repair

We are experienced in building Steel and Aluminum vessels for offshore support purpose


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